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Okay but this is why I adore DCAU!Batman, look at how much more lively and HUMAN he is here.  He’s funny without being out of character, he’s sarcastic, he’s a cranky pants, he’s honest in a really humorous way, he’s indigent, he gets embarrassed about being saved by the girl he likes, he teases his friends, he SNORES.  

Do you understand how much I love the fact that Batman SNORES?  It’s adorable, and I know a lot of people will say Batman shouldn’t be adorable, but that small moment reminds us all that Batman - Bruce Wayne - is HUMAN.  He’s not JUST this dark angst machine that sits in the Batcave and doesn’t have friends or do things like fall asleep because he’s been working for the last two weeks without it non-stop.  

What I love about DCAU!Batman is that he was well-rounded.  I find Nolan’s Batman so boring it’s painful.  Who is he?  Why does he do the things he does?  Where is his change?  Well he is Bruce Wayne rich man who can’t really run a company, he dresses up like a bat because they scare him and he does this to get revenge on the people that took away his parents, and he was trained by a super secret assassin organization for reasons, and he never really changes or learns or grows.  He keeps himself near completely shut out from everyone, he doesn’t seem to have any friends except for Alfred but even their relationship seems one-sided or cold at times since Bruce is so obsessed with THE MISSION that he doesn’t even seem that dedicated to because after his not girlfriend dies he jumps out for 8 years and then he backs out again to go live in Europe with Selina for some reason because why the hell not?  So really, what was the point of anything he did?  

No see DCAU!Batman had all of that tragic past and angst but without making it seem like complete mangst.  He had various relationships with various people and he loved them, he fought with them, he teased them, he respected them, and he relied on them.  DCAU!Batman had FRIENDS.  Why writers want to make Batman this ultimate loner of perpetual angst I’ll never know because that’s so fucking boring.  

Another thing I love is that when Bruce fucked up his relationships, the narrative always showed that it was because of his own faults. Few people could deal with him long term because he was so deep into his mission that it was unhealthy.  THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THAT THE INABILITY TO MOVE ON IS UNHEALTHY.  That Bruce’s way of dealing with tragedy was unhealthy and his refusal to get help was unhealthy and that his distrust of people was unhealthy and thank you for showing the consequences of that.  

Because that’s what makes Bruce Wayne and Batman interesting to me.  The fact that this man is a tragedy but not because of his parents deaths, but because of how he reacted to it.  Because Bruce is a man that attracts people to him, Dick, Babs, Tim, Jason, Diana, Clark, Taila, Selina, Steph, Cass, Alfred, his entire family love him and want to love him but they can’t because Bruce won’t let them.  He’s so laser focused on his mission he can’t even see the people - the family - he has now.  And some of them can’t deal with that, and they shouldn’t have to.  So some of them leave, they always come back, but this time with no expectations because they know Bruce can’t and won’t change.  And others can hack it out because they never had any expectations to begin with, and others are such people of hope or a mix of hope and reality that they’re able to stand by Bruce through their sheer force of unconquerable will. 

But for me, that’s Bruce Wayne’s tragedy, the tragedy of Batman.  And I thought DCAU!Batman was the best adaption that showed that.  Nolan’s Batman was praised for being a loner, it’s seen as cool to shut people out and as such Bruce is without any sort of real flaws since the narrative doesn’t paint his behavior as a problem.  

Also DCAU made Batman FUN instead of a douchey angst bucket 

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If you were confused about how Roy Mustang is portrayed in Mangahood somehow, here’s the primer:

  • “Eliminate, Huh? What a convenient way to disguise indiscriminate slaughter.”
  • “So you’ll embrace the woman you love with those hands filthy with blood?” {x}
  • and if you count the OVA itself as canon he was shot at by a friend and given what Roy says later in the series, he believes it would have been deserved.
  • “That man [Scar], a survivor of Ishval, is justified in wanting vengeance.” [AFTER Scar has already murdered multiple other people.]
  • after he loses hughes, armstrong makes a note of the fact that he’s lost a significant amount of weight 
  • Roy is  shown falling asleep in random places while obsessing over the loss of Hughes AND looking exhausted
  • image
  • like he just woke up and it’s still clear he hasn’t been sleeping enough (difficulty falling asleep/staying asleep/sleeping at random)
  • this obsession lasts for MONTHS (nearly a full year) and any time he has a chance to bring it up, he does because he is fixated
  • he pointedly refuses to answer ANY of Edward’s questions about Ishval or his time there
  • he’s canonly shown having a flashback to Hughes’ last phone call when Hawkeye doesn’t respond to him on the other end of a line which causes him to panic and nearly blow the ENTIRE MISSION.
  • image
  • after being stabbed through and burning himself he A.) Questions why no one has come to kill him yet and B.) Leaves as soon as he can stand upright again ONLY TO LATER COLLAPSE FROM THE PAIN BECAUSE HE REFUSED THE PAINKILLERS HE NEEDED. (bonus comic + mangahood)
  • he’s shown staring into fires as if not completely in the moment
  • “When I, who am called a “weapon” or a “monster” fight a real monster, I can fully realize that I am just a “human”.” 
  • oh and this is a totally normal reaction to anything:
  • image image 
  • his anger is completely under control
  • image completely
  • image totally
  • image 
  • wait.
  • no actually torturing someone (even a homunculus) to fulfill a sadistic need to inflict pain in response to the pain they caused you in an outburst of anger is not a standard emotional response.
  • but you know, since none of these facts about Roy really have anything to do with Edward Elric and they don’t show up in 2003 I guess it doesn’t count or something.

I wrote my psych 101 term paper on this poor bby and got an a+.

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